Fairtex 6 Foot Banana Bag


Well constructed hand made “banana bag” by Fairtex. Made using “Syntec” (synthetic) leather and thick nylon straps, which are much quieter than typical chains. Ideal for low kicks at 6 feet tall, and weights 100-120lbs when filled. Shipped unfilled to save on transport costs..


These Muay Thai bags are long like the HB12 and HB13 models, which allow for a wide variety of combinations that include low kicks, but the “banana bag” is a lot thinner; which is something to keep in mind.

Made in Thailand using durable synthetic leather, these bags are incorporate a build quality you’d expect from Fairtex.

We sell these bags unfilled, as shipping costs are calculated based on weight, but it’s easy to fill yourself when it arrives.

All you have to do is stuff it with old rags or clothes until it reaches the desired hardness.

As you beat on it, it’ll soften up, at which point, just add more rags. Easy enough.

When it’s full, it weighs approximately 54kg; so it’s about 10kg lighter than the HB13 model, as it’s obviously narrower.

Additional information

Weight 2500 g


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