Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad


Made using a high quality, long lasting, odorless “micro fiber” (as opposed to the leather used on the BPV2 model). Lightweight while providing lots of protection for the trainer. Design based on the United States Muay Thai federation’s championship belt. Adjustable sizing.


The BPV3 model belly pad by Fairtex is made using a unique “micro fiber” material. It’s the same material that Fairtex has used to construct their “Maddox” grappling dummy.

This model provides more padding than the BPV2 model, and is actually a bit lighter. The main difference between the two is the micro fiber vs leather construction.

The material used is odorless and long lasting, and considering the quality craftsmanship on these belly pads, they should hold up very well. The design at the front of the pad is an image of the United States Muay Thai federation’s championship belt.

This is a free size, meaning that the Velcro enclosure system allows for an adjustable fit.

fairtex belly pad 1


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