Fairtex “Hunter” Shorts


These satin Muay Thai shorts by Fairtex are made in Thailand. They feature an 8 strip elastic waistband and internal drawstring for a secure fit. The extra wide design allows for enhanced mobility. Choose your size preference using the drop down menu below (sizing chart at the bottom of the page)..



fairtex never surrender shorts

These Muay Thai shorts are made in Thailand using a lightweight, satin material. They feature an 8 strip elastic waistband, along with an internal drawstring, to provide a secure fit.

The extra wide design of the shorts allows for unrestricted movement – enabling you to throw uninhibited kicks and knee strikes.

As you can see in the image above, the shorts are made using an eye-catching yellow fabric. A cowboy with a bandana over his face is positioned in the center of the shorts, with the words “never surrender” and “the hunter” positioned to each side.

Select your size preference from the drop down menu above, using the sizing chart below as a guide..

Sizes Length Waist Weight
S 16″ 26″-28″ 90-112 lbs
M 17″ 29″-31″ 112-132 lbs
L 18″ 32″-34″ 132-165 lbs
XL 19″ 35″-37″ 165-Heavyweight
XXL 20″ 38″-40″ Super Heavyweight

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