Contoured Pro Focus Mitts


Comfortable and durable focus mitts. Constructed with leather and triple layered foam system. Lightweight and curved design. The top of the pads is soft, allowing the trainer to throw jabs at the student to simulate a realistic fight scenario. Sold per pair. Select color below..



Don’t neglect your boxing! These professional focus mitts by Fairtex are designed to maximize both comfort and durability.

The curved, internal hand compartment is contoured to fit the hands of the trainer, which will reduce wrist injuries and prevent the pads from slipping off during training sessions.

These focus mitts are very light, which not only prevents fatigue, but also allows for you and your training partners to develop quick punching combinations.

The pads are constructed using leather and a light, triple layered foam system.

The top of the focus mitts are soft, and similar to the Fairtex Thai Kick Pads, they allow the pad holder to throw strikes back and simulate a real fight scenario.

Price shown is per pair.

Available in a variety of colors (shown above).

fairtex curved focus mitts 2

fairtex focus mitts black

Additional information

Weight 818 g

Black, Blue, Red


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