Fairtex Shorts (Fortune)


Handmade Koi fish design satin Muay Thai shorts. Select size below..

Sizes           Length      Waist            Weight
S                     16″         26″-28″       90-112 lbs
M                    17″         29″-31″       112-132 lbs
L                     18″         32″-34″      132-165 lbs
XL                  19″         35″-37″     165-Heavyweight
XXL              20″         38″-40″    Super Heavyweight



These Muay Thai shorts are handmade in Thailand, using high quality satin material.

The Fairtex logo is embroidered and positioned across the front of the shorts and the words “my fortune” are written on along the lower right side.

Embroidered on the left side of the shorts are 2 Koi fish; one gold and one silver.

Koi fishes typically symbolize determination, courage and the power to achieve your goals. Koi fish swim upstream, which that shows they don’t fear or avoid adversity.

In Buddhism, the Koi fish depicts bravery and fearlessness; exactly the kind of message you want to rely to your opponents in the ring.

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