Top King “Extreme” Focus Mitts


Top King “Extreme” model focus mitts. Made using a multi-layer shock absorbent foam with additional support for the wrists and lower forearm region. Implements a D-ring hook and loop, Velcro based enclosure system for a snug fit. Sold as a pair. Select your color preference from the drop down menu below..



These new “extreme” focus mitts by Top King have a unique, D-ring hook and loop, Velcro based enclosure system that allows for a snug, secure fit while you’re absorbing punches from heavy hitters.

Also unique to these focus mitts is the extra cushioning for the wrist and lower portion of the forearm, which is made possible by the increased overall size of the mitts.

Each mitt can be worn on either hand and the larger size of these mitts make them a more viable option for catching kicks, although we would still recommend a pair of kick pads for training more advanced, hard hitting students.

The pads are made using a multiple layer shock absorbent foam and a long lasting “semi-leather” material.

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