Twins Backpack


Large, durable and comfortable backpack by Twins Special provides plenty of room for your training gear and more! You can convert it into a duffel bag with a few simple changes. Large storage compartments on each side, as well as mesh compartments at the top and on the inside. Hidden mesh compartment at the bottom of the bag is perfect for storing training equipment or sweaty clothes to keep them separate from the rest of your items.


This is a high quality, well constructed, extra large backpack by Twins Special. There are several compartments where you can store items. The main compartment has plenty of room for training gear, but if you wanted to separate your training gear from your clothes or anything else, the bag transforms to a duffel via a hidden compartment at the bottom. This area makes for a perfect storage space for wet clothes and used equipment.

The backpack straps are well made, durable and surprisingly comfortable, even when the bag is full. There’s a mesh compartment on the inside panel, as well as the top – which is ideal for stashing money, keys, cell phones etc. There are also two large storage compartments on the sides of the bag.


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