Twins Special Tattoo Gloves


These Twins Special gloves feature a cool, tribal tattoo inspired design. Handmade using soft, premium leather. Velcro wraparound enclosure system provides wrist support. Sold as a pair. Select your desired size and color scheme below.



These Muay Thai gloves by Twins Special have a cool, tribal tattoo design. The structure and fit of the gloves is based on Twins Special’s original, best selling BGV3 model. The main difference between the gloves is the color scheme, the function and fit remains the same.

These gloves are made using soft, cowskin leather and they provide adequate padding to protect your hands. The Velcro wraparound enclosure system provides adequate wrist support, though most people still prefer to wear hand wraps when they train, and the short cuff still allows for mobility in the clinch.

These gloves are sold as a pair and you can select between a white or black base color scheme, with either white or black tribal tattoo accents. There are holes on the palm region of the glove which allows some airflow, which helps to reduce the accumulation of sweat when you train.

Select your size and color scheme from the drop-down menu above.

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