Twins USA Tribute Gloves


Durable, high quality USA tribute gloves by Twins Special. Snug fit with wraparound enclosure system to secure wrists. Available in multiple sizes (select weight below) and sold as a pair.



The United States is full of great people (most top government officials and banking elites excluded in that statement of course)

The country was built on a solid foundation of individual rights and freedom, and the constitution is/was a blueprint to keep it that way.

The constitution is being attacked at the moment, but if you’re proud to be American, and believe in the vision of the founding fathers, these gloves are for you.

Made to high standards by Twins Special, these Muay Thai gloves are made using 100% genuine cow leather.

They offer a snug fit, and provide plenty of padding to protect your hands.

The enclosure system provides adequate wrist support as well, through it’s always recommended that you wear hand wraps for additional support for heavy training.

Not from the United States? Pick your nation; with this series of gloves, you can represent the UK, Brazil or the homeland of the sport; Thailand!

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