Boon Curved Kick Pads (Velcro)


Hand made in Bangkok using top quality, cowhide leather. Oil treated to enhance durability and water resistance. Curved design allows for an economical fit for the trainer. Velcro enclosure system. Sold as a pair.


Similar to the straight kick pads with the buckle-based enclosure system, also by Boon, these are hand made using thick, US grade, cowhide leather.

The interior polyurethane foam is lightweight, and provides the right amount of push-back as you’re punching, kneeing and kicking the pads.

The leather has been oil treated to enhance the overall durability of the pads and provide water resistance.

These particular pads are contoured using a curved design that allows for a more economical fit for the trainer, while providing an optimal angle for the student/fighter to throw strikes at.

The pads incorporate a Velcro based enclosure system, with the duel straps providing some additional padding to enhance overall comfort.

The Boon logo appears in different areas, with one of the logos at the back being elegantly etched into the leather.

Sold as a pair.


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