Boon Kick Pads (Single Buckle)


Hand made in Thailand using top quality, cowhide leather. Oil treated to enhance water resistance and durability. Single buckle enclosure system. Smaller and lighter than the double loop pads, which allows for uninhibited movement. Sold as a pair.


These pads are a smaller, single strap alternative to these other Muay Thai pads by Boon. They’re hand made in Bangkok using high quality cowhide leather, and have been oil treated to increase durability and enhance their resistance to water.

While other models of Thai pads (like these) incorporate a Velcro based enclosure system, these ones are fastened using a buckle-based enclosure.

Given the smaller size of these pads, they’re lightweight and make for a nice medium between focus mitts and the full size, double loop pads. This allows the holder to call for speed based hand combinations, along with kicks and knees simultaneously. Sold as a pair.

boon kick pads single buckle


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