Boon Curved Focus Mitts w/ Hood


Hand made focus mitts with with soft, top grade leather. Curved design allows for more comfort and “hood” over the fingers provides additional protection for the holder. Light and excellent for personal trainers. Sold as a pair.


These premium, hand made focus mitts by Boon are made using soft, top grain cowhide leather.

A lot of attention to detail goes into each pair of these that gets produced so the quality is of high standard and they should last for a long time.

The curve of these focus mitts enhances the comfort for the holder, while providing a nice pocket around the fist for the puncher.

This particular model has a “hood” over the fingers, which provides extra protection. Embedded on the hood of each of the focus mitts is the Boon logo; which is a nice touch.

Light, compact and easy to transport, these focus mitts, and pretty much all of the focus mitts we carry here at Muay Thai Source, make a great accessory for personal trainers who are looking to add some variety into their clients programs.

Dimension Size: Width 18 cm / Height 21 cm / Thick 5 cm

boon curved focus mitts


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