Fairtex Classic Gloves


These “classic” limited edition gloves commemorate the history of Fairtex. Handmade in Thailand using top quality leather. Fairtex logo appears in both English and Thai. Velcro wraparound enclosure system for wrist support. Sold as a pair. Select size below.



These limited edition “classic” gloves were made to commemorate the long history of the Fairtex brand. The design itself is based off the BGV1 model, so these will fit and feel just like the base model gloves.

The difference however is with the styling of the glove. On the knuckle area, there’s a Fairtex logo and underneath, it says “since 1971”, which is the year that the Fairtex company was founded. The Thai writing on the wrist area also says Fairtex.

The gloves are made using genuine leather and these handmade gloves are produced with quality and longevity in mind. The provide plenty of padding to protect your knuckles, while the Velcro wraparound wrist enclosure provides adequate support for your wrists – though most people opt to wear hand-wraps as well.

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