Fairtex “Green Hulk” Gloves


Limited edition “green hulk” Fairtex gloves by on the standard BGV1 model. Hand made in Thailand using premium leather. Velcro wraparound wrist enclosure system. Sold as a pair. Select your size preference from the menu below..



These are a limited edition version of the standard BGV1 gloves by Fairtex. The fit and function of the gloves is the same, but this particular model looks particularly cool as the neon green color scheme really stands out in the gym.

These gloves, along with all the other gloves in the Fairtex line, are hand made in Thailand and each pair undergoes strict quality control prior to release. Durability is usually a non-issue with these gloves as they tend to last for years.

The gloves provide adequate padding for your hands, and the Velcro wraparound wrist enclosure provides wrist support; although most people prefer to wear wrist wraps as well. These gloves, like the gloves by Twins Special, incorporate a shorter cuff compared to the Top King and Boon gloves.

Sold as a pair, select your size preference from the drop down menu above.

fairtex green hulk gloves bgv1

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