Fairtex Microfiber Kick Pads


An alternative to leather pads. These are made using an odorless, high quality microfiber. Each pad is approximately 100 grams lighter than the standard leather-based Fairtex pads and they have an additional layer of padding down the center, which makes it easier to absorb the impact from heavy kicks. Sold as a pair.


These Fairtex kick pads are made in Thailand using a high quality, odorless, microfiber.. which makes for an alternative for those wanting to avoid leather products.

Each pad is roughly 100 grams lighter than the standard KPLC model, leather-based kick pads. Similar to the “super” kick pads by Top King, these pads have an extra layer of padding positioned down the center of the pad for extra forearm support. This makes absorbing the impact from heavy kicks a lot easier. Additional padding was added within the pads as well, also to enhance the impact absorption.

The top of the pad is soft, which allows the trainer/holder to simulate a fight scenario by throwing some light punches at the student/training partner. These pads are sold as a pair.

fairtex muay thai pads


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