Fairtex Extra Large Heavy Bag


Muay Thai heavy back roughly 3.3 feet in height. Highly durable. We ship the bags unfilled to save on shipping costs. When filled, the bag will weigh approximately 30kg.


This is the style of heavy bag most commonly seen at the training camps in Thailand.

Its standard format allows you to work your kicks, teeps (front kicks), punches and knees. Due to the height of the bag (roughly 3.3 feet), leg kicks aren’t feasible unless you hung it low specifically for that purpose.

For that reason, we recommend pairing it with either the HB12 or the HB13 models (if you wanted to incorporate low kicks into your bag workouts that is).

To reduce shipping costs, we ship these bags unfilled.

When you receive it, you can easily fill it up using old clothes or rags.

You basically just pack them in and stuff it down. The more rags/clothes you add, the harder the bag gets. It’s a simple and inexpensive process.

When filled, the bag will weigh approximately 30kgs.

fairtex heavy bag


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