Top King Pro Shin Guards


Twins shin guards that offer additional layover of protection down the center of the pad. Snug fit to reduce shifting and hook and loop enclosure system is free of metal, allowing for maximum comfort. Available in multiple sizes and colors (select below). Sold as a pair.



These Muay Thai shin guards by Top King are made of genuine leather.

Ever do a hard sparring session where you checked a hard kick (or threw one that was checked) and had bruises on your shin the next day, even despite the fact you were wearing shin guards?

It can happen, and the nice thing about these shin guards by Top King is that they feature an extra think layer of padding down the center of the pad.

The interior lining of these pads doesn’t irritate your skin, and when fastened correctly, they don’t shift around much (if at all) when you’re sparring.

The hook and loop enclosure at the back is free of metal or anything else that can cause injury to your training partners as well.

top king shin guards multicolor

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Black, Blue, Red, White, Pink, Green, Yellow


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