Fairtex “Superstition” Shorts


Comfortable, hand made, white satin shorts with sak yant design. Select size below..

Sizes       Length          Waist          Weight
S              16″ 26″           -28″         90-112 lbs
M             17″ 29″           -31″         112-132 lbs
L               18″ 32″          -34″         132-165 lbs
XL           19″ 35″           -37″        165-Heavyweight
XXL        20″ 38″          -40″        Super Heavyweight



These white satin shorts feature the Fairtex logo, along with a Sak Yant design (9 Pagodas and a Tiger), believed in the Buddhist culture to bring strength, good luck and protection.

Stylish and comfortable, these Muay Thai shorts utilize a unique waistband that offers a snug fit without restricting your movement.

Handmade in Thailand, these shorts are made with quality as the top priority.

Available in the color combination pictured above.

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